What Are You Saying ?

The earth was created by words. God said ” Let there be” and there was. Not much has changed. The world you live in is created by the words you speak. What you say you will think about and what you think about you will take action on. It is so simple but so many people don’t get it and wonder why their lives are the way the are. You have the power to create the life you want just by what you speak. It’s that easy. I know a lot of you are saying but “if you only knew”. If I only knew how bad your situation was if I only knew what you have to deal with If I only knew where you came from, but it doesn’t matter. You can change your life by the way you talk.

The Word of God holds the answer to every problem we could ever face. No matter what the situation Gods Word has something for you. We were created to walk in victory. The Bible already tells us what to say. If we speak Gods Word and follow his commands we are promised the victory.

Place these words on your hearts. Get them deep inside you. Tie them on your hands and foreheads as a reminder. Teach them to your children. Talk about them wherever you are, sitting at home or walking in the street; talk about them from the time you get up in the morning until you fall into bed at night. Inscribe them on the doorposts and gates of your cities so that you’ll live a long time, and your children with you, on the soil that God promised to give your ancestors for as long as there is a sky over the Earth.

Deuteronomy 11:18 says it plain and simple. ” Talk about them wherever you are” . Yet so many of us are swayed by situations that we say what we feel, what we see and what we fear. You just created your world.

So your probably thinking but I don’t know how to change. We have to learn to shut up. We don’t always need to be talking. Most of the time when we are dealing with something the first thing we want to do is talk about it. We get on the phone with our girlfriends and gab away till were blue in the face talking .All that talking is only making it worse. You’re giving satan exactly what he wants.

The first start to change is to get in the Word. “Place these words in your heart; get them deep inside of you”. Thats going to require hearing the Word and studying it faithfully. If you have no Word in you than no Word is going to come out of you when you get into a dilemma.

Get in the Word and find out what God says about you. Get those words of victory and meditate on them. Speak them when you are being squeezed. Speak them when negative thoughts come to your mind. Speak this when it looks like the enemy is having its way with you. Stay faithful to speaking what God says about you and don’t be shy about it.

When someone wants to talk negative don’t give them the chance don’t give up your victory in a gab session. Speak about the victory that God HAS given you.

It’s already been done. God already secured the victory for you now it is time to start walking in it. Well it all starts with what you say. God has a Word for everything that you might be dealing with. I recently found myself in a slump. I made it worse because instead of right when it started I talked about how I felt. Instead of speaking Gods word over the thoughts and emotions I was feeling I fed into them. I was down, and I talked about how down I felt. I was sad and I talked about how sad I was. I was depressed and I talked about how depressed I was. I just made things worse with my mouth. The Bible has a word for everything that I was going through. God has a promise for every emotion I was feeling. When I decided to speak the word over my emotions things started to change. I could feel that garbage just lift right from me. He gave me joy for my sorrows.

Whatever it is that you are facing you can be lifted right out of that situation too. God is good and He desires for His children to live a good life. Examine what you are saying. Decide to speak words of victory over your situation. No problem is to big for God to handle we serve a miraculous awesome God. Don’t limit His power with your mouth. Make the change to get into Gods Word and speak the right thing and have that good life that He has already created for you.

Know that you are loved and I believe goodness and mercy follow you everywhere you go !



Ecclesiastes 3:16-20

For I Know The Plans I have For You

We were all created with purpose. God didn’t just form you and put you on this planet to fend for yourself . He has great plans for us.
I love Jeremiah 29:11 that has to be one of my favorite scriptures . The Message version says ” I know what I am doing. I have it all planned out – plans to take care of you , not abandon you , plans to give you the future you hope for.”
We serve a kind and loving God who has our lives all planned out. Good lives in fact . The only problem is most of us are not in His will to see this future played out. We think we can handle it on our own and just go to God when big things come up.
That scripture was written for someone who has fully placed their life in the hands of God. Too many of us make our plans and then expect God to fit somewhere in them. Imagine a life where God was your plan maker, where we played by his rules.

Thats what I have chased since my husband and I decided to move from the sunshine of Florida and a nice secure job to snow filled Buffalo and the call of ministry. Our lives are in Gods hands.

When we lost two babies last Feburary and May I was so mad at God. I wondered how he could take these lives away from us. Today I look at it totally different. It was part of Gods plan for us. I still don’t know what that plan is but I have the promise that he will give us a bright future and the desires of our heart which means more kids, no matter what it looks like.

The problem is we go by what it looks like. We have to get our eyes off the problems and trust that they are in Gods hands and he promises us a bright future. I urge you to trust in God for your future. He has plans for you that far out weigh the plans you have for your self. His Word says so. Just trust Him and believe.

He knows what He’s doing he’s got it all planned out better than you could ever plan yourself. You need to consider God in your plans though. Before you go and do something ask Him if what you are about to do is the right thing. We would save ourselves so much trouble if we just asked God first before we took on things and made decisions.

I urge you to trust in what the Lord has for you and never fear that you are on your own.

Remember you are loved. I believe goodness & mercy follow you everywhere you go.



Ephesians 3:16-20

Tuesday Tune Up !

It’s been a while. I deeply apologize. Today however is different it’s time to write. Time to shake the dust off the keyboard and put something down.

God is a good God. He loves us more than we could ever imagine. unfortunately we lose sight of that and carry loads and burdens we were never meant to carry. When we first get saved that love Of God is so real to us that we just bask in it floating on a cloud. But then something happens (life) and we forget all that God has done for us.

Today is Tuesday tune up. Its time for you to remember all that love and power that you have sitting right inside of you. It’s time to get real with God so he can show you the wondrous plans He has for you. The Bible says in Jeremiah 29:11 that He has Plans of victory for us with a bright future. I don’t know about you but with this gloom outside I could use a view of that bright future.

God longs for fellowship with us. That is why he created us and then saved us from a fallen world. He longs for us to spend time in His presence in prayer and in The Word. Trust me there is no time wasted when you are spending it with God. And you’re to busy ! We can make time for all the other stuff in our lives, lets start today by making some for Him. The results won’t fail you. You’re joy will be restored, you’re peace made whole. Who couldn’t use a little of that.

So today I challenge you to take this Tuesday Tune Up and spend a little time with the Lord. It’s easy to do. When you’re driving in your car sitting at your desk at home searching the channels. Just say I’m taking this time for the Big Guy.

He longs for us to live in victory. Free from pain, sickness, disease, depression and loneliness . He created us to be whole and without want. How are we going to get that life if we never make time for Him? He dwells in our praises. Just praise Him some and you will see that God wants to talk to you and have a relationship. He longs to give you the desires of your heart.

So today what ever you may be believing Him for I believe you will see breakthrough if you just take some time out to spend with Him.

As always know that you are loved, and I believe goodness & mercy follow you everywhere you go. Have a happy tuned up Tuesday.


Ephesians 3:16

Patience !


working on a new post I know its been a while but dont forget I blog.check it out

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It’s been a while. For that I truly apologize I have missed you all so much. First there were computer issues, and then there was not much to share but a monsoon of sadness. I was writing but I don’t always want to be the downer writer sharing her sad news so I took a break.

It’s good to be back on the up side of things to not have a negative view or a sad heart. Though the sorrow may last through the night ( or a bit longer) JOY does come in the morning. That is easier said that done, believe me if you ” Only Knew” , but believe me with faith & patience JOY or whatever it is your waiting on will come.

That is really what was on my heart to write about today PATIENCE. Our society lacks patience. We live in a world where all…

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Patience !

It’s been a while. For that I truly apologize I have missed you all so much. First there were computer issues, and then there was not much to share but a monsoon of sadness. I was writing but I don’t always want to be the downer writer sharing her sad news so I took a break.

It’s good to be back on the up side of things to not have a negative view or a sad heart. Though the sorrow may last through the night ( or a bit longer) JOY does come in the morning. That is easier said that done, believe me if you ” Only Knew” , but believe me with faith & patience JOY or whatever it is your waiting on will come.

That is really what was on my heart to write about today PATIENCE. Our society lacks patience. We live in a world where all of our answers are found with the few clicks of a button. Our relationships are so shallow or one-sided that either we are the one always holding the bag, or someone is holding the bag for us. What really got me thinking about patience was such a simple thing. I saw a picture of a friends baby and he had on Pj’s that were monogrammed with his initials and name. Loved it so I asked the friend who did that or where I could order Pj’s similar ? The answer was that her sister did it with her sewing machine. That led me to thinking well, I am pulling out my sewing machine and going to put some monograms on my kiddos and nieces clothes, and away we went.

At first I could not even find the pedal to my machine, once found  I then realized the owner’s manual was no where insight. I remembered a little it couldn’t be that hard. Turned out I really needed that manual. Online I went to order another one, when I realized that  in an instant online is the manual for just about anything.

Reading the online manual I attempted to stitch out the names of my littles not knowing I needed a hoop and stabilizer . This was becoming clear, that I was not going to grab so Pj’s and whip out perfectly monogrammed items. I decided to take a trip to the sewing store. There I learned that my machine was capable of doing only very small letters and that I could try free-handed satin stitching on my machine. That did not go so well. At the store they showed me their version of a beginners machine (  = to a down payment on a new vehicle) and so complicated that it needed thousand dollar software to run it , no thank you . I came home that night thinking by hand was going to be the best way to get this done. so I searched online for how to hand embroider names. Up popped an ad from Wal-Mart for a very affordable machine that claimed to do all that I desired to do. I did a little research finding out it was a well rated machine. They had it in stock I was so excited to go pick it up. By evening end I would be embroidering away.

Well NOT QUITE, by evening end I had my arms in air declaring there was something wrong with this machine. It took a good week to figure out just the basics, at one point it was about to get boxed back up and returned for embroidery floss a hoop and that would be the end of it when I YouTube the machine the issue I was having was solved in one simple step that I had missed. One little string out-of-place made each design look badly. finally  we were on a roll, or something close to it. Today I sewed a onsie for MJ together ,totally , monogrammed the thing front and back together. every time there is a new task I am learning something new. This whole process has taken a lot of patience and I have gladly given it because I know the end product will be great.

It made me start to think about the patience that God has for us. Each of us is like one of those machines capable of doing amazing things if set up properly. The problem is that many of us never allow God to set us up properly. We try to go around things or do them in our own ability when if we would just be patient to what God has for us something good is going to come out of us , guaranteed. When we set up properly by studying the Word, spending time in prayer and living our lives for Jesus that is a successful thread of our machine – ready to stitch out a beautiful pattern. Or do we have only a short-term reverence for God. We show up to church , sing a song, shout a hallelujah and think we are all set. then 5 minutes out the door we are back biting and complain that God has not  given you the answers to what you were searching Him for when you went for prayer and Monday is approaching. Bad stitches ahead , and probably a broken needle and nice mess to untangle. this little machine has taught me a lot about patience let me tell ya.

I find myself everyday going back to the sewing machine no matter how bad the night before ended. Picking up what I was working on and going to try again to carry out my goal. It made me think a lot about how we spend our time.  I can find time to sew for two hours out of the day, but have and excuse why I can’t ready and study the word or part for a half an hour. I could pray and sew if I really wanted to. We all have things in our lives that we give precedence to as opposed to serving God. Why is it that we are OK with giving God are seconds and then we wonder why things don’t work out our way or why we are still waiting for the manifestation of what we are believing God for. Yet God still has patience for us. What a loving God we serve it make me so thankful for Him just when I think about it.

Today as I write I am on the way home from a conference in Detroit. Let me tell you I could have used a million reasons why I could be excused from going to the Word of Faith meetings. Something inside me knew that we needed to put whatever it was to the side and go. We needed this Word ! What will it take in people lives to make them say thats it no more excuses I’m in? We all have time and patience for so much in our lives but when it comes to serving God we put a time constraint on Him that is unreasonable. We can make it to the gym, get in that round of golf, get are hair and nails done, take our kids to dance or swim lessons, but we can’t find time to serve God anywhere ?  Yet God is still patient with us. When will have patience  for Him ?

I can only ask you what I am asking myself. I will be the first to admit that I am not innocent to what I write of. I think waiting on God for 6 weeks is a tremendous accomplishment, and that the answers I am seeking are going to be coming fedex with a hand tied bow. WRONG. If I have learned one thing this week it is that putting life on hold, putting serving God on hold for anything is the biggest mistake we can make. Yes I understand sometimes we go through things where we HAVE to put ourselves on hold for a bit. But don’t let your for a bit turn into a whole season, be eager to jump back into all that God has for you.  Be eager to let Him set you up properly. Figuring it out on your own is a time wasting tactic. Trust me, I know this when it comes to both things in the natural and the supernatural. I go back to the example of my sewing machine. Let me tell you that if I had read the directions on how to thread the machine, ( as opposed to assuming it was the same as all other sewing machines) I would have saved five days of banging my head on my hands wondering why my stitches were not coming out right. It was so simple and I missed it. Thats exactly how many things in life are, so simple – yet we miss them because we are not where we are supposed to be.

I am glad that I did not allow all the excuses I could have used keep me from going to Detroit. I am thankful for the time that I was able to have in the Word . It was life changing, it lit a fire underneath me, a much needed one. I am tired of the same old same old, I am ready for new things! As we get ready for July and our confrence at NCF.WNY I hope that you have a desire to step up. To knock the dust off of your shoes and step up to a place where you can be used . And not only be used take the time now to say Those days God and my church are going to come first. That is one thing I found so exciting about being at Word of Faith. They were all so excited about the conference . It was so cool they were using social cam to talk about their excitement and making short videos telling their friends to be there it was awesome just to feel their excitement. It excited me. I hope I bring home a bit of my excitement and it catches with all of y’all.

So in closing I have to say ” Thank You Lord for all of the patience you have for me, without your loving kindness I have no idea where I would be” I hope you can say the same. And then knock the dust off your feet and lets start moving to all the great things that are in store for us. I don’t know about you but being an observer is not as exciting as being a part of something. Now is your chance to be a part of something big. I know God has big things in store for NCF and these up coming meetings. I hope you step out of your box and ask where can I be used. Do it I promise you wont be sorry !

As always know that you are loved. I believe goodness and mercy follow you everywhere you go and you are surrounded by favor.


Ephesians 3:16-20

For more information about the upcoming Empowered meetings at New Creation Fellowship, please check out NCFWNY.org. Believe me you don’t want to miss them.

Don’t you worry child…

I am so pleased that this post is the first post with the full reveal of my all new page. The big changes to this page deserves a post with big news.

Many of you know just weeks we found out we lost a pregnancy. It was truly heartbreaking; there were no signs I felt great it came out of nowhere. It left us devastated and truly heart-broken. I could not understand how God could forsake us? I was so angry. I went from being filled  with such a joyful expectancy to an emptiness beyond compare.

Through the grace of God and His super natural comfort I emerged from my sorrow. I turned my anger to trust that my pain & loss was Gods mercy in disguise.  There was no explanation why I lost that pregnancy. Yet there was with reassurance from our Doctor that there was no reason to believe I would not be able to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy just as with Ella & Michael.

Patiently I waited for my body to return to normal. Our Doctor said three cycles and you are ok to try again. The days every girl dread I was joyfully expecting. We began to put away the baby stuff. I was working out getting ready for a great summer being fit, and active with my family. Our plans for Ward #4 were for fall.

The week before Easter Dr. Richard Roberts came to speak at our church . He spoke about those who are believing for miracles and how to get your miracle and keep going even though it may seem as though your going through hell. It was the perfect Word right on time. The Kingdom of God works on a seed-time and harvest system. We decided to sow a seed into the ministry equivalent of what we were believing for. I can’t even express all that we were believing for. Of course for another child in the future but just a restoration and peace from all we had been through and that JOY UNSPEAKABLE that only God can give.

On Easter Sunday we sowed that seed. Monday evening we found out we were expecting ! 

I could not sleep that night … I called our OBGYN as soon as the office opened and flew over to get blood work ran. It came back perfect and was to be repeated 48 hours later. Those levels should at least double, our beyond doubled. As of yesterday we are sitting on levels higher than we ever reached the first time around.

I can tell you that the first thing that went through my mind was fear. In that moment i knew I had to decide if I was going to stand in faith or be paralyzed by fear. I choose faith. You cannot figure out a miracle. If you figured it out than it was not a miracle. I could choose to be silent just praising Him from within ear range of those who know but I trust that this is all GOD !!! I choose to shout from the rooftop without fear of what He is doing. A friend sent me a song where the lyrics said that  “He has me in the palm of His hand” … He most certainly does.

This was not my plan. I know that His ways are higher than our ways. Gods desires for us are mindblowing . Often times we never see those mind- blowing miracles because we are still holding on to the natural. We don’t just have faith, WE LIVE BY FAITH !

God is so faithful. I trust that He will carry us through every step of the way. Anytime a tinge of fear rears its head I cast it to the side and speak the Word Of God and His promises over my body and this precious child.

WHATEVER you may be believing for know that GOD IS ABLE ! It is not easy at first to put all your trust in Him. YOU can do it. Trust in Him and let Him show you just how able He truly is. God is looking for those who will cry out to Him so He can step in and do a MIRACLE .

Today I stand in awe of God’s miracle-working power ! I confess that as you cry out to Him with whatever you are believing for He will move on your behalf. Allow yourself to cast to the side whatever the natural seems like and get into the palm of HIS HAND.

( Pray this with me)

Thank You Lord for all you have done for us ! We know that your Word says we are more than over – comers. We know you are capable of all things. I trust in you Father and you alone that you can meet my needs. I know you are a miracle-working God and today I receive my miracle. I thank you in advance for what you are doing in my life , I know you work all things together for my good. I place my life in your hands and from today forward I will seek you in all things…  Thank you Lord for your goodness .In the Mighty Name of Jesus Amen.

I know many of you are facing situations. Faith is like a muscle you have to use it for it to gain strength . The Word of God is where faith flourishes. I urge you to go to my contact page so I can direct you to resources that can help build you up and get you rooted and grounded in His Word.

What a perfect post for this grand reveal of my new page. I could not have asked for anything better than to write about  than Gods miracle power. I am so excited to share this miracle journey with you !

I believe goodness & mercy surround you and the favor of God follows you everywhere you go.

Know that You are loved… ” Don’t you worry child, God’s got a plan” .

Singing His Praises;

A <3

Ephesians 3:16-20


French press coffee in minutes with a Keurig

I am blessed to have a keurig k cup maker like many of us do these days. They are simple  and fast. Honestly  though .I love fresh French Pressed coffee with beans from local Goodrich Coffee. I dislike the waste, cost of k-Cups and what about that plastic is that good for you ?

This is so simple and what I have started doing.

1.) Have my fave beans pre ground for French Press setting.

2.) Fill My water tank to full capacity, set my temp gauge to highest setting (hotter the better), remove any spill trays that would prevent my press from fitting under machine. Your machine may not have removable front plates no worries (keep reading)

3.) Fill your press with desired amount of ground coffee.

4.) Select largest beverage size ( 16 oz on most models ) lift lid be sure kcup slot is empty. Close lid and press brew. Repeat the lift and brew twice on ( 16 oz ) . Third time lift and brew on smallest setting. Allow all the water to go directly into your press. This ratio works for standard presses – if you have larger or smaller ones you can choose the beverage size and if you need more cycles.

5.) Pull plunger of your press to the very top and place on top of press firmly – WAIT (4 Min) to brew (varies on desired strength of coffee) .

6.) Holding the base slowly press down the plunger ( never pull back you will have coffee grounds in your brew)

7.) Pour and enjoy, or as my favorite shop would say “Have a Goodrich Day” !

* A few tips to make this seamless. prepare your machine and press the night before. making sure your water tank is filled to capacity.

if your machine does not allow your press to fit under use a large liquid measure cup and after each cycle immediately  pour the water onto the coffee in your press.

If you are serving pressed coffee to guests prepare your press(s) ahead again making sure you water is full, and even have a pitcher of water ready for refill to rapidly speed things up.

It may take a few practice rounds but once you have it down you will be able to do it with you eyes closed.

Remember the hotter  you can get the water the best your coffee will be, and your sit time may be longer our shorter depending on how you like your coffee – if you go with a bold roast your sit time will be shorter. It all varies on personal preferences

Remember to have your coffee ground for a french press. Even super market grinders have the option.

If you have more interest in what many say is the best coffee around with a wide choice of blends contact Goodrich Coffee they can be reached toll-free or you can order your beans or tea directly online. My recommendation for a bold brew Sumatra Mandheling. But they have it all with a promise you will never be served or sold coffee that was roasted more than two weeks from that date . Impressive I know. 

I hope you enjoyed my little tip, it makes the start of my day enjoyable !

Remember you are loved.



A Wonderful Wednesday ! Thankful ?

I can’t tell you what a thankful heart I have it is overwhelming. Even though since last Friday I have done nothing but helped others. I am so thankful and filled with Joy !!! 

So last week I said I was going to take this page to a new level I am sure you can see the beautiful changes done with hard work by the lovely Stephanie Jane . Her talents are remarkable and this is only the beginning. I am so thankful for her . (Click on her name for more info) 

Speaking of thankfulness, what a week to be thankful for as we approach Easter Sunday, and observe passover. Look at all that God has done for us ! 

We live in a world where everyone always wants more. There is nothing wrong with desiring greater things . I know that some may say “you don’t understand” – believe me I understand. No matter where you are you have much to be thankful for. Maybe you are waiting on God, but God is waiting on you to simply be thankful. And not thankful with a but… Just thankful.

Have you ever given a gift and not been thanked ? It makes you wonder if you are appreciated. May seem small but you don’t know how powerful it is. When you are thankful and show it, the result is that others; especially God desire to give you more. Thankfulness turns the key to you reaching what you are believing for. 

Don’t confuse small with insignificant. Be thankful for the small things and you will see small things turn to big things. If God cant trust you in the small, how can He trust you with the significant. Tonight you might be waiting on some significant things. I know I am. While we wait have an attitude of gratitude. There is no limit to how BIG & FULL your destiny is.

Stop hoping for more and be thankful, trusting that your needs will be met.  

Have a wonderful Wednesday, a thankful Wednesday. I have a confidence that Thursday will be better than the day before as you open the door with a sincere thankful heart ! 

Until the next time I believe goodness & mercy follow you everywhere you go; and you are surrounded by favor. 



Ephesians 3:20


My Heart Speaks !

So I have written ever since I can remember in my adult life and as a teen. My room is filled with journals where daily I write often multiple times throughout the day.
Blogging is so different I have many entries that the publish button just has not been pressed yet just sitting there.
All of you that I share with mean so much to me. I write because God is always reminding me that things I go through others need to hear and see all the goodness He has showered in my life; even when it seems like it’s the worst possible thing ever.
I’m about to take this page and put some serious work into it. I’m reluctant to do so but God has impressed it upon my heart that I MUST. Your mind will always tell you what God has told you to do if a foolish idea. Sorry but I’m trusting God on this. So away we go. But before I do it would be such a blessing to know THIS matters . That you are blessed by the things I have shared in the past . And even right now resisting the fear and saying to Him “I choose to believe the opposite.” God doesn’t ask or tell us to do something unless he has a plan for it – I’m trusting in that . I have a joyful expectation that this, great HOPE through HIM this will be a success and you will love it and with your help it will GROW . Your comments, suggestion response  shares and support is so appreciated and motivates me to stay faithful .
I thank God He has brought each one of you into my life or across my path .I know that it is for a great reason. Know that I believe and confess goodness, favor and mercy surround you. Know you are LOVED !

For now !

< 3 A
Ephesians 3:20
( Exceedingly above what we could ever hope , dream or imagine )